2/10/16-Crunch Time Is Upon Us

Today the programers continued programming. They continued the hard work on creating a valuable working autonomous. Using practice bot, Runt, the programmers are able to test this code on a easily adjustable robot.  CADers worked hard to try to complete the final aspects of the robot, pushing Inventor more than they ever had before. They locked themselves in a room until their work was done. Why? Because it’s crunch time. Mechanical team worked hard-cutting and drilling wood to finish building field elements, working on encoders, and mounting an arm. Awards teams were still racing the clock too. Entrepreneurship award is due tomorrow, and an award can always still be edited. Website team was also on high alert. Despite a completely overhauled website, changes still need to be made and the website is constantly being adjusted to make the cleanest website possible. Dawgma members enjoyed  another pizza dinner, but as soon as the dinner was done members hurried straight back to work. Dawgma isn’t out of the dog house just yet.