2/13/16-Full Speed Ahead

Today Dawgma members continued their work on their robot. With the final build day- known throughout the community as “bag day”-being just a week away, there is no time for messing around. The mechanical team was hard at work-working on a working arm, finishing the last few defenses, and finalizing wiring. With plans have driver practice on Sunday and plans to test the robot at Hatboro High School’s field on Monday(thanks team 708!), the robot would have to be more than just in existence, it would have to be at least 80% functional. Luckily the group was able to meet their goal in time. MechEs still have much work to finish, however, if the team wants to keep up their competitive power from the 2015 season. Programers were hard as work as always-continuing work on their vision software and smashing bugs in their auto program while testing and retesting every part of their code. Despite all this hard work, the team is not out of the woods just yet. One week left until bag day.