2/18/16-The End is Nigh

Five days left! So what happened today? An awful lot! Today the MechEs had their turn to have full use of the robot (still not named) for a few hours. This is because yesterday the programmers got to have over 5 full hours to test their code with the robot. MechEs took full advantage of their time with the robot. They also built a tower to practice end game on, built a portcullis, continued work on bumpers. The second they got their hands on the robot again, programmers continued testing everything. They tested vision, going through the portcullis, and working on reaching the arm to the tower. The business and PR team also had a very busy day. They worked on filming a promotional video for the Barbacoa fundraiser. Thank you Barbacoa for setting up a table and providing us with props for filming! The video will go live in two weeks! Don’t forget to share it! Don’t forget to come to Barbacoa on March 9th to support Dawgma! By dining at the Barbacoa restaurant in Ardmore on March 9th, Dawgma will get a portion of the profits from your meal! So mark it on your calendars! March 9th!