2/20/16-Building a Robot is a 9 to Whenever We Finish Job

Dawgma Robotics

Deciding on robot name

Today many members went through one their hardest precompetition competition: driver tryouts. Potential drivers practiced going through a variety of defenses (the Moat, Rock Wall, Ramparts, Chival de Frise and Low Bar) as quickly and most efficiently as possible. Programmers continued testing of autonomous routines. Success continued with successful crossing of new and old defenses. Very efficient.
driver tryouts

Driver tryouts

The Chairman’s presentation team met for the first time. They discussed their presentation, how to break it down, changes to the presentation, and future topics for later discussion and deliberation. The Chairman’s Award is the most prestigious award in FIRST. Winning Chairman’s means automatic qualification for MAR Champs or later even World Championships. Chairman’s Award is judged based off an essay (already submitted) and a presentation. In the essay and presentation, the team tries to show how they’ve influenced their community, spread FIRST’s message and become a role model team. To win the award would mean that Dawgma showed the judges how they have become an amazing team that truly beneficially influences their community. The team also finally chose their robot’s name! The robot’s new name is (drumroll) Sleipnir (pronounced Slayp-near)! Sleipnir, if you did not know, was Odin’s horse in Norse mythology. Sleipnir was an 8 legged horse, considered the finest in the land. Congratulation Sleipnir.