2016-03-01 Dawgma Blog

2/23/16-Tonight Is The Night

Tuesday, February 23. Bag Day. It has finally arrived. Today Dawgma worked to enjoy their last few hours of unrestricted robot time. Once the robot goes in the bag, Dawgma only gets 6 hours of unbag time before their next competition: Springside Chestnut Hill. This does not include our withholding allowance of 30 lb. Dawgma members tested, tweaked, re-tested, re-tweaked, over and over again on through the night. Before the robot was bagged, the mentor had a big announcement to make: drive team! Main drive team: Driver-Josh R Operator-Hannah S Backup Drive Team: Driver-Noam Operator-Narin Congratulations to the drivers! Finally, at the fine hour of 9:00 p.m. the robot was bagged. Thus endsĀ build season and thus starts competition season. Don’t forget to come to Barbacoa in Ardmore on March 9th for Dawgma’s annual fundraiser!