Today Dawgma members had an extremely super productive day! Not only is the programming team finishing up the robot’s autonomous routines, but the robot is getting “techy” (as stated by business team member Cecily). Electrical components of the robot have been laid out and wired. The robot has even taken its first few steps in the world. Although this “baby-bot” (also nicknamed by Cecily) is up and running, Dawgma’s work is far from finished. With the 4th week being nearly finished Dawgma still needs to fundraise. Just because a robot is being made doesn’t mean expenses go away! Luckily, the wonderful, the amazing, the YUMMY Barbacoa has graciously agreed to help Dawgma by hosting a fundraiser for us again. This year the fundraiser will be March 9th, and a portion of the profits of every order with the mention of the team’s name, Dawgma, will go to the team. Help Dawgma raise money by enjoying a delicious local meal. So swing by Barbacoa’s March 9th to help make sure that this team can maintain a strong path this season!