3/15/16-Un-Bag Day

Today Dawgma un-bagged Sleipnir for 3 out of their total 6 hour allotted un-bag time pre-competition. Drivers practiced driving, programmers tested autonomous, and MechEs fined tuned Sleipnir in between resetting the practice elements. Even when food arrived, Sleipnir was never left alone. Members took turns of who ate dinner and who worked on Sleipnir. Every minute was important, as every minute passed meant one less minute of un-bag time remaining. Time is of the essence when you’re un-bagging your robot. The team plans to use their final three hours of un-bag time on Thursday, right before backing Sleipnir up for good for this weekend’s competition. Don’t forget to come and support Dawgma at Springside-Chesnut Hill this weekend!IMG_8522