3/18-3/20-Springside Chestnut Hill Competition

This weekend Dagwma went to its first District competition at Spirngside-Chestnut Hill academy. It was absolutely amazing to see all the parents who came out to see a bit of what the past 6 weeks of building had resulted in. Unfortunately the day started a bit shaky when Sleipnir lost communications and a badly stripped gear train. This meant that Dawgma was out for 6 out of its 12 matches and thus it would be near impossible to become alliance captains. The chairman’s award team presented extremely well, already knowing what they could fix for the next iteration of presentation at Westtown competition. Dawgma also helped several teams scout, by sharing our data and helping with pick listing advice. After communication issues were fixed and a new gear train was installed, Dawgma was on fire! We successfully breached, defended, and captured towers. Dawgma ended up being chosen as second round pick for the 7th alliance. Unfortunately Dawgma’s alliance did not make it past quarter finals, but loudly cheered on 1391’s alliance, which we helped them to create with our pick listing help! Dogma members did not go home empty handed, however. We were graciously awarded the Spirit award. Dawgma is excited for Westtown competition in two weekends. If you would like photos of Springtide, please check out our Facebook album!