3/4/16-Hatboro Horsham

Today, Dawgma members went to MAR’s Hatboro Horsham competition! Dawgma didn’t go to compete, but rather to help out their fellow MAR teams with scouting. These teams were 2495, 5181, and rookie team 5938! This competition not only allowed Dawgma the advantage of a chance to test out their scouting system at a real event and find unforeseen complications, but also allowed them to get a feel for what FIRST Stronghold is really like in actuality. We were very proud of all the teams that we supported at Hatboro for their engagement and effort at the event, especially with team 5938 who won the Rookie All-Star Award! Dawgma can’t wait to see friends again at their next competition: Springside Chesnut Hill! 12826322_954320051289093_2055584334_n12797966_237771903225242_1261293492_n