Dawgma Summer Camp 2020

This year, Dawgma’s summer camp will be virtual.

Register Here: https://forms.gle/jZbtGCEZZhFcDvQR6


FAQ Section:

Q: What is a typical day like?

A: 9 am – Daily challenge posted (kids have an hour to work on it)
10-10:30 am – Daily tasks and intro lecture (about what project they are doing today and what the extension project is for fast workers. We will also talk about what this project teaches, this will occur on a video call) on BBCU (Blackboard Collaborate Ultra).
Campers will work on the project after the BBCU is finished until around 12:00. Campers will work at their own pace.
12-1 pm – Lunch break
1-1:30 pm – Question time! A counselor will join BBCU and answers and questions about the project that campers may have
2-2:30 pm – Connect to Dawgma. A BBCU meeting where a counselor explains how we use this in FRC and in the world. Heavy emphasis is placed on how the project relates to real life
3 pm – Extension activities (CADD/code/etc) where we will post a YouTube video at three (such as an introductory code video) and at 3 a counselor who specializes in the extension that day gets on BBCU to answer any questions on the extensions.

Q: Do I have to buy the kit?

A: The camp is based on the kits. The campers will be given challenges and tasks that use the pieces in the kits. Only one kit is needed per family. The LEGO® Kits are available for purchase at the following websites:
LEGO®: Click Here!
Amazon: Click Here!

Q: Why should I send a donation?

A: DAWGMA Robotics is a nonprofit organization that heavily relies on donations and sponsorship to remain operational. Our team instills the traits of passion, perseverance, leadership, and community on every student to produce leaders in engineering, business, and design. Every year we run a Summer Camp to raise money to cover the cost of operating the camp and for our team’s operations. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we were unable to run the in-person Summer camp, so we switched to an online format. Please note that donations are completely optional, and can be sent in any amount. The suggested donation is $50 per camper.

Q: How do I send in the suggested donation?

A: The checks should be made out to:
FRC Team 1712 DAWGMA Robotics Booster Club

The checks should be mailed to:
DAWGMA Robotics Booster Club
1307 Andover Road
Wynnewood, PA 19096

Q: How long will my child be on the computer?

A: There are only two mandatory sessions per day which are from 10-10:30 am where your camper will be assigned tasks for the day and have a small lesson, and 2:00-2:30 to wrap up the day and answer any final questions the camper may have. There will be other optional sessions for asking questions, extension activities, and learning about robotics at the high school level. Only one hour on the computer will be required, the rest is up to you.

Q: What are some uses for the kit after camp week?

A: Kits come with directions for more builds than we will cover in camp. If it sparks a real interest there are add ons to the kit and it is compatible with the EV3 and other LEGO®s.

Q: Can I sign up for both weeks?

A: We ask that you do not because it will be the same material each week.

Q: Do I have to sit with my child and work on the LEGO® or can they accomplish the tasks on their own?

A: We suggest that you let the child figure it out themselves. The instructions are also fairly simple to follow so it shouldn’t be a challenge. If your child is struggling with it we will have question time where they can get live help from Dawgma students. So, you shouldn’t need to help them.