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1/21/16-Dawgma’s favorite defense? The RUFF terrain!

Today Dawgma members continued working on creating field elements and working on tasks that would benefit the building and programming process. The programmers worked on learning vision code. This code will allow the robot to be able to detect objects like the goal-a skill thatIMG_7963 11 will be invaluable during FIRST Stronghold since drivers’ line of sight will be blocked by the many defenses. MechEs continued working on field elements. They build the portcullis and a rough terrain. The CAD team started programming the drive base for the robot. Team members also worked on writing and editing awards-specifically the Woodie Flowers Award and Chairmans. While the Chairman’s award is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in FIRST IMG_7946 11and winning it means an automatic ticket to either district championships or worlds, the Woodie Flowers allows teams to explain why one mentor from their team stands out and deserves to be recognized for all their achievements and efforts. Despite all of this hard work, members were still able to take a break for dinner and enjoy some delicious home made Indian food, provided by the Ghosh/O’Leary family. Thanks for the wonderful food! Dawgma is ready to take the 3rd week of build season by storm.