Takes A Licking And Keeps On Ticking-MAR CHAMPS-4/14-4/16

In the 1950s, TimeX launched a new ad campaign with the slogan “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” was a reference to how durable the watches were. This past weekend, after watching Sleipnir enthusiastically defend its tower and smash (sometimes literally as seen with a broken Sally Port), a judge walked by 1712’s pit and slyly mentioned the famous slogan. MAR Champs was absolutely incredible. 13002523_528895513938226_1686209828671037060_o Going into MAR’s district championship, Dawgma was ranked 61st in the district. For the first time, gears weren’t stripped and communications weren’t lost. Dawgma quickly rose up the rankings from day one, being ranked 2nd, 7th, 3rd, 12th, etc. Dawgma students worked hard, interacting with judges, keeping a close watch on the gear train, and (as always) scouting. Dawgma was not willing to let any more bad luck get in our way again. Hard work paid off. By alliance sections Dawgma was ranked 9th, moving on to be the 7th alliance captains. Using our scouting info, Dawgma strategically chose 708-Hatters robotics-as our first pick and 1403-Cougar Robotics as our second pick. 13029464_529472677213843_7882580243070026730_oQuarter finals matches went fast and hard. Dawgma’s first match against the 2nd alliance was extremely successful and the 7th alliance won. The second was lost. In the third match, something unbelievable happened: Sleipnir was flipped completely on its back while aggressively defending its tower. What followed was quick thinking by our operator. Attempting to use the arm to get up, Sleipnir crawled against the field, still defending its tower as best as possible. The 7th alliance, despite this, was able to win the 3rd round, advancing on to Semifinals. Unfortunately, Dawgma did not win its Semifinals match. Still, Dawgma was proud to have been able to have gotten as far as it did. 12916128_529473610547083_2486962791935952340_oDuring the Awards ceremony, Dawgma received the Entrepreneurship award. Thanks again to the MAR judges for honoring us with this award. Despite going into the competition being ranked 61st, Dawgma came out being ranked 17th in MAR. Because of our ranking, Dawgma is able to go to FIRST Robotics Competition in St. Louis on merit. This is the first time Dawgma has gone to this event since 2009. Dawgma (and Sleipnir) are excited to see everyone again in St. Louis! 13051771_529473747213736_4061486198468103737_n