Our Robots

Dawgma12006 – Dawgma I : The team’s 1st ever competition robot – named accordingly. Dawgma 1 qualified for world championships because of its strong autonomous mode and fast low goal dumper. deuce 2007 – Deuce : Our second robot, named for its performance of two tasks, lifting game pieces quickly to deposit on the rung and deploying ramps for end game. Galactus2008 – Galactus : Named for a Marvel Comic book character, who was often called the “Devourer Of Worlds.” The robot grabbed and lifted a huge, “world-like” 40-inch ball. alice(2009) 2009 – Alice : Named for Dr. Randy Pausch’s culture-changing software. His book, The Last Lecture, has had a strong influence on us. Was first in the world to score autonomous, the only auto score in our region. Darwin2010 – Darwin : Named for the “Evolutionary” theme of chairman’s entry. Because of  the bumps added to the field that year, he was designed to traverse all areas of the field with ease. Geoffrey2011 – Geoffrey : Originally pronounced “Jeffrey”, after the Toys R Us advertisement character Geoffrey the Giraffe (or Dr. G Raffe), Geoffrey was our most ambitious robot.   Darryl(2012)2012 – Darryl : Named after a student on our basketball team, Darryl shot basketballs with impressive accuracy.     Oddjob(2013)2013 – Oddjob : Named after the iconic James Bond character, Oddjob threw frisbees much like the character in James Bond threw his bowler hat.     Peter2014 – Peter The Great Egg : Named using a combination of two contending names, Peter the Great after the emperor who moved the capital of Russia to St. Petersburg in 1712, and Egg after the robot’s method of containing the ball.