Westtown Competition-4/1-4/3

This weekend Dawgma went to Westtown High School for our 2nd district competition. Dawgma started out strong, winning its first three matches and making a high score that wouldn’t be beat until a much later qualification match. Unfortunately, after the third match Sleipnir started having issues again. A quick note: a gear should have teeth, a perfectly round gear does not do much good. 12983965_525910217570089_6129461004147009084_oFortunately Dawgma was able to fix the problem pretty quickly, and was back in action later that day: defending, scoring, breaching. Dawgma’s pit was also visited by Dave Lavery, Director of Solar System Exploration as NASA! Because our scouting advice helped them become semifinalists at Westtown, Dawgma worked to help 1391-Metal Moose with scouting again. We also worked with team 708-Hatters.With Dave Lavery Then alliance selections came. Team 708 became the 2nd alliance captains and Dawgma and Moose patiently waited to be chosen. Dawgma was chosen by the 5th alliance and Moose went on to be chosen by the first alliance. The fifth alliance won the quarter finals quickly. For semi-finals, alliance faced off against the 1st alliance. It was very close, the 1st alliance won match one, 5th match 2, and 1st won match 3, taking the semi final. Dawgma hopes to go to the District Championships in 2 weeks.