Using the Onsight device

World Championship-4/25-4/29

Dawgma has gone to world championship 3 times in its 11 year competition history. The first time was in 2009 and the second time was in 2007. World Championship is comprised of 8 different fields, each named after famous scientists like Newton, Hopper, Carver, Tesla, etc. Like the other competitions, the top 8 ranked teams on these fields create alliances (this time having alliances of 4 instead of 3 with one robot being a back-up) and go on to compete in quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. At worlds, however, the winners of each field do not just get a blue banner, they also get the chance to compete on Einstein field against the winners of the other fields. Dawgma competed on the Hopper field. Dawgma quickly found their rankings rising and Sleipnir holding up despite the physical roughness of Stronghold. Dawgma members were also visited in their pit by the amazing Dave Lavery who showed the students the incredible Onsight glasses. Using these glasses, members found themselves on the surface of Mars, thanks to pictures taken by the Mars rover. Sleipnir flying over a defenseDawgma worked nonstop and their hard work payed off. By the time alliance selections started, Dawgma was the 8th ranked seed out of 75 teams. Dawgma moved up to become the 6th alliance captains! Dawgma’s alliance consisted of 1736 (Robot Casserole), 869 (PowerCord), and 1730 (Team Driver). Dawgma’s alliance ended up losing their quarter finals to the 3rd alliance. Despite this, Dawgma was still incredibly proud of how they played and how far they had come. 6th Alliance Captains During Einstein matches, Dawgma and the rest of Hopper field cheered for Hopper’s victors, who made it all the way to the semifinals on Einstein. During closing ceremonies, FIRST got their annual Dean’s Homework. This year’s homework? To meet with local congressmen to pass legislation to make a commemorative coin of Christa McAuliffe. Dawgma came home on Sunday exhausted, but accomplished. Parents met the tired students back at Lower Merion with cheers and applause. Dawgma thanks everyone for all their support and hopes to see everyone again during the off season and looks forward to the 2017 competition!